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10 Advantages of WBT Shaped Cable Tray

Sat, 04 Jul 2015

Just like highways support cars and traffic, management trays are designed to support communication cables. As the condition of the road affects the traverse of our vehicles, so too does the quality and design of the tray affect the performance of our cables. Cost is one of the biggest considerations in any structured cabling installation and must be weighed against the quality of any individual component. In the case of cable tray here are 10 advantages and benefits associated with the use of WBT Shaped cable tray.

1) WBT shaped tray has flat rungs.

By flattening their cable tray rungs WBT has increased the surface area of support by about 400%. This means that the stress and pressure points placed on the cables will be less than when using round rung trays.

2) WBT uses T-welds on their trays.

Unlike other trays all of WBTs trays come with a T-Weld edgewire. This insures safety for both the installer and the cabling from any sharp edges. 

3) WBT is Eco-friendly and uses 100% recycled content. 

As a member of the US Green Building Council, WBT is proud to contribute to environmental responsible corporate business practices. Now more than ever Data Centers are looking to minimize their impact on the environment by sourcing products that will help with LEED credits and WBT’s tray systems do. 

4) WBT trays are available in many colours. 

Both architects and engineers are incorporating painted tray as part of the design elements within a building’s interior. WBT’s Architectural Series of painted tray is perfect if you are looking for a way to distinguish or identify different network cabling runs or simply supply an ascetically pleasing product. 

5) WBT painted trays are UL & cUL certified. 

With WBT there is no need to remove any paint during the installation. Most other manufacturers don’t have this capability, and the installer is left to field remove the paint at splice points in order to properly ground the tray. 

6) WBT has great lead times. 

Because Datcom maintains inventory in Canada on most tray sizes and accessories, standard inquiries can often be supported in hours, not weeks. WBT’s manufacturing plant and stock is based in Illinois and larger projects are turned around quickly. 

7) WBT is available in various sizes. 

Because WBT has  various width and depth options, this means that you can get the right size for your job every time while maintaining a control on budget. 

8) WBT has a configurator to shape your tray at the factory. 

The configurator is a machine designed to quickly shape bends without the need for cutting the tray which maintains UL certification and saves the installer time on the job site. 

9) WBT has easy to install preformed fittings. 

These fittings allow the installer to avoid cutting on site and keep things clean, quick and easy.

10) WBT has no-splice supports. 

These supports allow for quick and easy joining and supporting as well as helps cut down on the number of required supports per straight section. 

Unlike the traditional, rounded cable tray offered by other manufacturers, WBT brings to the table a suite of industry changing products & features that maximize your wire tray performance.  If you are installing category cabling or optical fiber, WBT’s high performance patented shaped cable tray is the ONLY tray system you should be using. Its ‘no cost’ insurance, to ensure that your cabling will provide the speed it was designed to. 

Written by: Edgar Schuchardt

Account  Manager at Datcom Inc. 

For more information on WBT products call 1-800-427-2055.

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You can also visit the WBT YouTube page to see the product in action.

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