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10 Reasons we recommend Velcro

Datcom carries VELCRO® brand fasteners in both riser and plenum fire rated varieties as well as cable ties. Both are used for keeping cords, wires, and even hoses contained and yet there are several situations where we would recommend Velcro over the cable ties.

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Within TIA 568C.0, it states that:

Cable stress, such as that caused by tension in suspended cable runs and tightly cinched bundles, should be minimized. Cable bindings, if used to tie multiple cables together, should be irregularly spaced and should be loosely fitted (easily moveable).

Additional guidance can be found in the BICSI Information Transport Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM), 5th edition, which reads:

Use hook and loop straps to secure the cables. The hook and loop straps should be evenly spaced throughout the dressed length. Hook and loop straps should be used to prevent a change in the physical geometry of the cable that typically results from use of nylon tie wraps.


Here are our Top 10 Reasons for recommending VELCRO® brand fasteners

  1. Velcro causes less cable stress
  2. Velcro has a wider footprint and therefore more support
  3. Velcro requires no tooling
  4. Velcro is available in Riser and Plenum versions
  5. Velcro is reusable and recyclable
  6. Velcro is available in multiple colours
  7. Velcro is easily movable and adjustable
  8. Velcro works with a variety of cable managers and enclosure holds
  9. Velcro is more flexible
  10. Velcro is available in "Cut as you require" lengths

Although you can ensure that cable ties do not cinch a bundle of cable using specified tension tools and applicators, to be safe we would advise using Velcro for any critical cabling medium.

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