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A Data Center Fairy Tale - SmartRow

Mon, 21 Sep 2015

Cost, cost, cost has become the new location, location, location of the Data Center world. Issues from cooling, to power, to shrinking footprints, and increasing densities, along with cloud solutions, and outsourcing are hot potato topics currently bouncing around boardrooms.

And although Efficiency, Capacity, Availability, and Control are major considerations, cost and how to minimize it, is still King. Almost every client I speak with tells me the same thing, and that is, nothing, I mean nothing, is implemented without ensuring that ROI will eclipse the initial cost of a project. There is apparently simply no room in the budget. And as we all know it is hard to convince those in accounting the benefits of an upgraded or properly designed Data Center.

But don't lose hope yet. Let us imagine together of a system that is fully integrated with a simple design that can maintain efficiency while giving us the flexibility to grow and could be implemented quickly & easily. Perhaps that is too good to be true, perhaps it is a silly dream or maybe a fairy tale right?

What would you say if I told you, you can have it all? I would be your knight in shining armour, right?

Well with SmartRow, what you need, is what you get.

Introducing The SmartRow™ Solution:

The SmartRow solution is an intelligent integrated infrastructure that can be implemented in just weeks. It allows you to easily deploy and effectively manage an integrated IT infrastructure without being limited by building systems, such as fire suppression and cooling. 

It is available in three- to six-rack configurations for up to 20kW of total capacity, allowing you the flexibility to start small and expand over time. 

This space-saving and cost-effective solution combines the industry’s finest
power, precision cooling and infrastructure management technologies in a sealed environment – meaning you can place it in virtually any conditioned space.

Each SmartRow offering integrates industry best practices in data center design and operations including:

  • Hot air and cold air separation
  • Cold air containment
  • High-efficiency dedicated cooling
  • Space-savings, small-footprint
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control to optimize
  • efficiency in planning and management
  • Unique local service for design audits, configuration
  • support, installation support, maintenance and repair
  • High availability and high efficiency UPS
  • Integrated fire suppression

So as you see some fairy tales do have happy endings. To find out more about how you too can have a happy ending, make an appointment today.

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