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Critical Systems deserve more than a battery back-up.

Thu, 17 Sep 2015

As a distributor, Datcom knows that the data networking industry is being leveraged more every day. New applications are being added; such as, transactions online, point of sale, delivery tracking and other service orientated products which are a vital for competitive advantage and survival. It would be fair even to say businesses around the global would be crippled if their networks or data centers went down. 

For example if we were to look at say a cable delivery company; like Rogers, and they had a network issue. I am sure you can imagine that the impact would be immediate and evident. Let's just think about who could be affected, the customer most definitely, internal process could also be compromised, streaming content could go down, phone systems could be affected and what about their mobile work force? 

Each one of these examples would have an immediate effect on both customer service and business. And let's be honest here, the Cable industry has been taking a beating over the last several years with the advent of Netflix and other providers. What kind of delay do you think their customers would find acceptable in this day and age where the consumer wants content when and where they are practically 24/7/365?

That' right, not much. I myself have been without cable for over 1 Year and to be frank I don't miss it. Back on point, systems are becoming more critical to businesses and therefore cannot afford to go down. All business are looking for improved availability, and here is what it looks like.

Liebert GXT4 UPS is a true on-line power source, which means power is
always being conditioned and supplied to the connected device(s), whatever
the quality of power coming in, a pure sinewave output results to ensure
equipment is protected.

The Liebert GXT4 UPS provides for:

  • Power factor correction
  • Internal batteries
  • Frequency conversion
  • Internal automatic bypass to protect against adverse conditions
  • Manual bypass capability
  • Support for up to six external battery cabinets

Not Enough? Here are 5 More Advantages to choosing the Liebert GXT4 UPS Series.
  1. Get maximum availability in a rack/small UPS with online, double conversion design that features robust performance. 
  2. Self-enabled Eco Mode offers higher efficiency. 
  3. Flexible configurations and options meet most every need. 
  4. Intelligent, secure network communications with user friendly LCD interface. 
  5. Easy to order, easy to install and fast to deploy. 

Bonus: Power Assurance Service Package eliminates start up, service/diagnosis and battery disposal concerns.

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To learn more about how Liebert can help you deliver critical power protection within your network visit our UPS solutions pages or set up an appointment by calling.


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