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Cutting Cooling Costs.

Wed, 23 Dec 2015

One of the biggest concerns within the Data Center when it comes to operational costs is cooling. As electricity prices and IT power consumption continue to rise, IT-related energy costs are getting increased scrutiny.

With the adoption of virtualization many organization are experiencing the shrinking Data Center Syndrome. Put simply they are now cooling rooms that are too large for the equipment being housed in them.  

As cooling accounts for approximately 37 percent or more of electricity usage within a  data center having a remedy represents a significant opportunity to reduce IT energy costs.

Here are 5 Strategies for decreasing cooling costs. 

  1. Avoid the mixing of hot and cold air.
  2. Monitoring the environment and automatically adjust the CRAC units.
  3. Ensure efficient return of hot air to HVAC systems.
  4. Unblock raised floors from any impedance.
  5. Segregate unused space under the floor and in the white space.


Together these methods can reduce cooling system energy costs and generate significant, recurring savings.

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