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Eight Ways to Data Center Cut Energy Costs

Thu, 25 Feb 2016

According to an article recently issued by the Data Center Journal, there are eight ways to cut Data Center Energy Costs. This is great news considering that energy consumption is a large portion of the total cost of ownership for many facilities operating today. As electricity prices and IT power consumption continue to rise, IT-related energy costs are getting increased scrutiny.

Knowing where to save money is the key to controlling how competitive your business can be.

Here are the eight points to consider:


  1. Power down unused equipment. Virtualization makes this task especially easy because it enables server consolidation, which means the data center will need to use and maintain less physical hardware.
  2. Install high-efficiency UPS systems. New UPS systems are 10% more efficient compared with the average UPS systems.
  3. Implement a DCIM solution.  DCIM software can identify and alert you to problem conditions and opportunities for improved energy usage.
  4. Offload demand. By moving some systems to cloud or colocation facilities you can consolidate systems and reduce the overall IT load
  5. Consider modular, containerized solutions. These solutions are preprogrammed to run as efficiently as possible allowing for rapid efficiency increases in existing data centers.
  6. Use automation and variable frequency drives. Automation systems give manager the ability to integrate, control and monitor various aspects of the facility including HVAC, security, lighting and fire in a central application.
  7. Evaluate energy procurement services. Energy procurement planning is becoming increasingly popular option for data center operators looking for an effective and inexpensive way to understand how energy is used and immediately see a savings on utility bills.
  8. Employ predictive analytics. Advanced analytic solutions can often identify problems days, weeks or months before they occur, giving operators time to take action, allowing for better planning and in turn reducing unscheduled downtime and maintenance cost.

Hopefully these points having given you some ideas on how you too can curb your consumption and if you need assistance reviewing options or require an onsite consultation email eds@datcominc.com or call today 1-800-427-2055


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To see the original article, please visit DCJ and subscribe.

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