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How to eliminate fiber optic connector contamination

The wet/dry fiber cleaning technique has been around for several years now; even before most alcohol based cleaners had been outlawed buy the top industry players

I still remember my early days in fiber optic cable production. Trying to clean singlemode cables and prep them for their final inspection and testing was more than a hassle and chore. Getting the end face clean enough for testing always seemed random and even near impossible. It would literally take me 10 times to get a good result and if this was happening to me in a controlled environment and clean room I can just imagine the issues in the field.

Fast forward to today’s technology. We as an industry, have much more reliable cleaning products and techniques we can use, even though the foundation of wet to dry cleaning remains the same. Micro fibers, port cleaners and inspection software have changed the quality and dependability of fiber links drastically. As speeds and power levels have increased, so too has the need to keep the fiber environment pristine and wet to dry cleaning is vastly superior and repeatable than dry cleaning alone.

Here to tell us why; is our product partner, Sticklers with an explanation on how static can lead to fiber-optic connector contamination, and what you can do about it.

The Sticklers™ Cleaning Fluid is the only fiber optic cleaning chemical specifically engineered for cleaning modern, high-speed fiber optic networks. Using new chemical technology not available even a few years ago, the Sticklers fluid cleans faster, better and more consistently any other cleaning product on the market today, including the industry standard isopropanol.

Written by: Ed Schuchardt

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