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How to Maintain Visibility & Control at the IT edge

More companies than ever before are looking to save on IT operational costs by outsourcing their IT Infrastructure and focus on their core businesses. Colocation, cloud and hybrid systems are becoming the norm and being leveraged for their scalability, availability and redundancy. As the adoption of this technology grows and applications and hardware are pushed out to the cloud, the IT Edge is becoming the most critical point of many business models.

Cloud Computing

Maintaining visibility and control is no longer a luxury, but a necessity to ensure the competitive nature of the business in the market place. With the growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) it will soon become impossible for businesses to deal with or absorb the impact of network and data center downtime.

These demands placed on companies due to the digital transformation of the world, call for a solid and dependable IT Edge solution. These solutions will have to bring to the forefront of IT planning, and IT commissioning, both accessibility and security.

Here are the top considerations for keeping pace with the transformation:

  1. Security and Accessibility
  2. Server and Serial device management
  3. IT Edge availability
  4. Out of Band management
  5. Cellular fail over and redundancy
  6. Onsite expertise and IT services
  7. Consolidated IT rollouts and ease of purchase
  8. Single pane software for asset management
  9. Software monitoring and alarms
  10. Data center capacity and power planning
  11. Consistency across branches
  12. A low MTTR (Mean time to Repair)

The driving factors of cloud computing, mobile computing and IoT are changing the landscape of the digital information age and must be matched with solutions that address these concerns.

Ask us about our Smart Solutions offerings which addresses all these points and will enable you to make this transition easy.

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