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Looking at DCIM? You should consider Trellis.

Thu, 17 Sep 2015

Emerson Network Power is one of the dominant suppliers in the DCIM (Data Infrastructure Management) market as it exists today.

As noted by Jennifer Koppy in a recent report: 

Datacenter infrastructure management solutions have emerged as a way to enable visibility, exercise control, and better manage datacenter resources. Today, data centers are evolving from a monolithic, one-size-fits-all warehouse of IT into a highly optimized and transparent smart building, and DCIM solutions are the critical step in this transformation.

Emerson’s Trellis™ platform is a real-time software that enables management of the data center’s IT and facilities infrastructure. The Avocent® Universal Management Gateway is a multipurpose appliance that connects to facility and IT equipment for both data collection and control functions and the core of this system.

The management gateway combines the functions of KVM over IP, serial console over IP, rack PDU, SP, and environmental management into a single chassis. When used in combination with DSView™ software, the solution provides remote access and control to any device that can be controlled by any of the consolidated functions.

Trellis also provides network management and control capabilities and can manage capacity, track inventory, plan changes, visualize configurations, analyze and calculate energy usage, and optimize cooling/power equipment and enablement for virtualization.

Eight Core Functions:
  1. Inventory & Discovery
  2. Maintenance & Change control
  3. Data collection
  4. Consolidated monitoring and display dashboard
  5. Alarm generation
  6. Control
  7. Trend analysis
  8. Model future growth
Functions for the future:
  1. Power planning and usage data
  2. Workload modeling
  3. Network capacity modeling
  4. DCIM integration with other management solutions

To learn more about how Trellis can help you gain visibility within your environment set up an appointment by calling Datcom at 1-800-427-2055.

To hear about what others are saying about Trellis you can read this independent 3rd party report.

Visit our Infrastructure Managment section for more information.

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