As densities within Data Centers become more concentrated the environments that they are being deployed in are becoming more critical. Not only is power consumption an issue, but ensuring equipment’s optimum performance and longevity are the key to protecting your hardware investment.

Heat, humidity and moisture pose a sever threat to Data Center infrastructure and monitoring these factors goes a long way to minimizing equipment failure and outages while extending equipment life span.

Integrating automatic alerts, video surveillance and logging trends is a proactive exercise that will allow you to make adjustments to the day to day environment and could save you replacement costs due to catastrophic events, such as broken water pipes.

Geist's environmental monitors enable you to keep an eye on remote conditions in critical areas for environmental factors including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, door position, power and much more. And provide alerts for abnormal conditions via Email, SMS & SNMP traps.

Whether you have a single computer room or a multi-location infrastructure, maintaining vigilance over your network could mean the difference between hours of downtime and weeks. Most businesses cannot afford this type of failure and should integrate this type of technology within their disaster recovery policies.

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