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Emerson Liebert CRVs

One of the biggest concerns within the Data Center when it comes to operational costs is cooling. As electricity prices and IT power consumption continue to rise, IT-related energy costs are getting increased scrutiny.

With the adoption of virtualization many businesses are experiencing the shrinking Data Center Syndrome. Put simply they are now cooling rooms that are too large for the equipment being housed in them. These older, larger room CRAC units are not able to scale down and keep up with the changing whitespace. Since cooling accounts for approximately 37 percent or more of electricity usage having a remedy represents a significant opportunity to reduce IT energy costs.

InRow scalable cooling that can grow with your Data Center is a way to combat these issues while maintaining control over operational costs.

Emerson; a pioneer in the field of Precision Cooling, is who we recommend as they have supported the Data Center market around the world for more than 40 years. The Liebert CRV is a precision air conditioner designed for data centers and IT equipment that require advanced temperature and humidity control.

Here is a list of advantages for the CRV product line outlining their superior and innovative features.  

  • The Liebert CRV has an adjustable supply Air Baffle System that allows the supply air to be directed left, right, or both directions and target hotspots with focused cooling unlike just blindly blows air out the front of the unit.


  • Air volume control. The Liebert CRV distributes air up to 6-7 racks down an aisle unlike wider air conditioners which struggle to cool the same number of racks. Some other units achieve this type of performance by using twice the amount of airflow wasting an enormous amount of energy in the process.


  • Liebert units have a lower supply opening where the air leaves the front of the Liebert CRV through an opening on the lower two-thirds of the unit providing a user friendly work environment by not having thousands of CFM blown into your eyes.


  • Using a Digital Scroll Compressor allows the Liebert CRV to run at a lower minimum heat load than. Capacity modulation is achieved without an inverter, eliminating the chance of imposing electromagnetic interference (EMI harmonics) on the UPS system which can prevent a transfer switch from functioning. The EMI created by the Liebert CRV’s small EC plug fans is insignificant for most sites.


  • The Liebert CRV has a low noise level thanks to the supply air baffle system. The unit is able to slow down its fans further than comparable InRow products and also use less energy and operate quieter while still providing the same performance.


  • The Liebert CRV is by far more energy efficient than most units; the numbers vary, but it can be as high as 60% less energy usage.


  • Rack sensors used with the CRV eliminate assumptions on cooling requirements and wasteful operations further increasing energy savings.


  • Liebert’s iCOM control is what ties together and leverages all of the individual component benefits. Varying the speed of the fans, educes operating noise, prevents over and under cooling, reduces the need to add humidification, and reduces reheat runtime. The large graphical screens with custom help menus make interacting with the unit an easy and enjoyable.


  • Excellent filtration. The Liebert CRV has been designed to meet and exceed ASHRAE’s filtration standards. MERV 8 or MERV 11 filters are available as standard with no reduction in unit performance.


  • Containment Friendly. Liebert OptimzedAisle provides enhanced levels of performance and greater protection from containment failure modes and has control algorithms specifically designed for cold aisle containment.


  • The Liebert CRV has been designed so that all service and maintenance can be performed through the front and rear of the unit while installed between server racks in a live data center.


  • Compressor Access. RotoLock fittings are attached to the compressor allowing the compressor to be removed from the unit without having to evacuate the refrigerant charge. They also allow the compressor to be disconnected without having to use a torch and the Vibasorber allows the refrigerant piping to be swung away from the compressor during compressor removal – eliminating the need to cut and then re-braze piping.


  • Easy fan accessibility. Liebert’s CRV variable speed EC plug fans are mounted on the rear door that swings out into the aisle for all side access.


  • Liebert CRV’s system components are located on the bottom half of the unit, isolated from the airstream, allowing a technician to performance minor maintenance on the unit while it is fully operational.


  • The electric panel on the Liebert CRV is mounted at shoulder height, facing the cold aisle, making it easy to work on.

As you can see the Liebert InRow precision cooling units have features that not only make operations and upkeep easy but also the installation.

Learn more about designing the most efficient row based cooling solution.

Download the CRV Brochure or 20kw and 40kw data sheets.

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