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The value of increasing visibility of thermal controls.

Thu, 17 Sep 2015

Everyone involved with Data Center facilities should know that environmental performance is a leading factor in expense management and hardware efficiency. This is why there has been an explosion of smart components within the white space. DCIM, manageable PDUs, thermal controlled cooling solutions and other items are quickly becoming the new normal or standard.

The challenge with dealing with all of these new components is aggregating the data they provide and adjusting their performance in order to minimize cost while fine tuning efficiency.

This is why the recent announcement of the North American release of the next generation of Emerson’s Liebert iCOM unit and supervisory system controls is so relevant.  The company says it’s

"designed to offer data center managers higher energy efficiency, greater protection and deeper, actionable insight at the cooling unit and thermal management system levels."

 The upgraded Liebert iCOM controls,

“let managers protect, harmonize and optimize thermal systems more intuitively than ever before,” comments John Peter Valiulis, vice president, North America marketing, thermal management, Emerson Network Power.

“Its most powerful capabilities are in protecting the data center at the cooling unit level and in auto-tuning the multiple thermal system components across the entire data center, operating them in tandem in the most efficient and reliable manner. This ‘teamwork mode’ can result in cooling energy savings of up to 50 percent.”

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