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Wirexpert 4500 - A scalable testing platform for the future

Fri, 12 Jun 2015

The Softing's WireXpert 4500 is designed to certify high-performance cable systems that are used in enterprise networks and data centers. The intuitive, easy-to-use tool offers a testing range of 2,5 GHz that enables installers to perform certification tests up-to CAT8 copper cabling, as well as MPO, SM and MM fiber optic cabling.

Currently it is the only certifier supporting all data center, premise cabling and industrial Ethernet requirements and is approved by over 20 manufacturers worldwide. Softing; the manufacturer, is a spin-off company that originally made the Wirescope/HP/Agilent tester which we have used for years in house and recommend to all of our certified clients.

As with the majority of our vendors we decided to go with the leaders in the industry and it paid off. This unit provided software and hardware upgrades which were free and a life span far outlasted other testers in the industry. The reason behind their success is that the tester was made as a platform which allowed them to upgrade over the web as time went on and as new standards entered the market place.

The upfront cost of the unit was more than their competitors; however, looking back over the lifespan (2004) we got a better unit upfront and didn’t have to upgrade 3-4 times as the others have. So it worked out that we paid less over the long run for a better solution. 

Here are 10 reasons you should be interested in the WireXpert:

1) It is the first Category 8, 40Gig tester and beyond for enterprise networks and Data Centers and is consider to be the Best-in-Class Cable Certifier.

2) Major Cable manufacturers are using it in the verification of the Category 8 cable systems currently under development. Assuring you of testing performance that is industry attested.

3) It supports certification up to 2500MHz to meet TIA Cat8 and ISO Class I & II draft standards and other emerging applications.

4) Currently it boasts the fastest Cat6A auto-testing in the market place with a 9 sec performance which will save you time on site.

5) The unit has been independently verified by ETL ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

6) WireXpert has been endorsed by over 20 cable companies worldwide indicating the industries adoption and approval.

7) The unit is also field upgradeable allowing for next generation applications and extended fiber optic testing including encircled flux compliancy. 

8) It is the first to support MPO testing to support Data Center applications and certification.  

9) Along with performance the WireXpert provides for advanced reporting and documentation for Manufacturer warranty programs.

10) The unique Dual Control System allows the user to perform testing with both the remote or local units. 

If you are testing 10 Gb/s cabling, WireXpert is the clear choice. If you are thinking beyond 10G, WireXpert is the only choice. Built on a future proof, scalable measurement engine, WireXpert protects your investment in test equipment as the data rates supported by the cabling systems increase. WireXpert employs a novel measurement architecture that achieves extremely wide bandwidth with superior measurement accuracy. Its unique RF measurement engine exceeds level IV and level V requirements throughout the measurement frequency range. 

Written by: Edgar Schuchardt

Account  Manager at Datcom Inc. 

For more information on the WireXpert call 1-800-427-2055. 

You can also visit the WireXpert product page to see the product in action.

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