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The Emerson SmartCabinet™ is a family of pre-integrated solutions that offers physical security, power distribution, remote access and monitoring of your remote IT deployment. The Emerson SmartCabinet™ simplifies the deployment and maintenance of your distributed IT solutions.

As more companies adopt IT models which consist of offsite located hardware and applications, solutions that address and support IT systems and ensure connectivity are going to become critical components that will not tolerate the impact of downtime.  The SmartCabinet not only addresses these issues but also simplifies deployment with pre-integrated solutions and advanced out of band management.

Smart Cabinet Breakdown

The Emerson SmartCabinet is perfect for Edge IT applications such as:

IDF/ MDF /Network Closets

Micro Data Centers

Small Colo, hubs

Warehouse and Distribution facilities

Disaster Recovery sites

Healthcare / Education / Bank & Retail Branches

These intelligent, integrated solutions contain the industry's leading power, cooling and management systems to optimize data center efficiency in IT environments of all sizes.  

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