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Datcom stocks a wide variety of Hubbell fiber optic patch panels and enclosures including, rack mount and wall mount solutions. 

Both Hubbell’s OptiChannel wall mount and rack mount fiber optic panels accommodate quick snap in module configuration and are ideal when conservation of rack space is required in a dense network environment. Both singlemode and multimode fiber adapters are available in all styles including ST, SC, MTP and LC fiber connectors and port densities, such as 6, 12 and 24 port fiber connections.

Hubbell’s fiber cabling systems provide a reliable end-to-end solution for local, wide area and data center network deployments and are what we recommend due to their ease of use and modularity.


 Below you will find additional features on the different fiber optic enclosure models and the benefits they bring to the structured cabling industry. It is also noteworthy to mention that all of Hubbell’s OptiChannel fiber panels are also a part of their 25 Year Mission Critical Warranty program when installed by a Hubbell Certified Installer.  

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Here are 10 Reasons why we distribute Hubbell's products with pride 

  Datcom carries a large stock of the Hubbell products in Toronto. Hubbell, like Datcom has made a commitment to Data installers that they will have minimum stocking levels. Their Quick Ship program ensures that the most common products are always on the shelf.

 Hubbell OptiChannel Fiber Optic Interconnect Trays


MFG# Part # Capacity Height
FTR175SP 081-0228 3 FSP Panels 1U
FTR175FCVR 081-0230 Cover for above N/A
FTR175RCVR 081-0231 Cover for above N/A

Hubbell OptiChannel Fiber Optic High Density Enclosure


MFG# Part # Capacity Height
FCRHD1UBK  081-7114 12 Cassettes 1U
OCLCHD50G3  081-7114COM3 OM3 Cassette N/A
OCLCHD50G4 081-7114COM4 OM4 Cassette N/A
081-7114COS2 SM Cassette N/A

Hubbell OptiChannel Fiber Optic Rack Mount Enclosure


MFG# Part # Capacity Height Style
FEURFSPD 081-0295 3 FSP Panels 1U Pull Out
FPR3SP 081-0282 3 FSP Panels 1U Swing Out
FCR1U3SP 081-7112 3 FSP Panels 1U Slide Out
FCR2U6SP 081-0299 6 FSP Panels 2U Slide Out
FCR2U9SP 081-0299-9 9 FSP Panels 2U Slide Out
FCR3U12SP 081-7110 12 FSP Panels 3U Slide Out
FCR4U15SP 081-7111 15 FSP Panels 4U Slide Out

Hubbell OptiChannel Fiber Optic Single Door Wall Mount Enclosure


MFG# Part # Capacity Style
FTU2SP 081-0293 2 FSP Panels 1 Door
FTU4SP 081-0294 4 FSP Panels 1 Door

Hubbell OptiChannel Fiber Optic Dual Door Wall Mount Enclosure


MFG# Part # Capacity Style
FCW4SP 081-0298 4 FSP Panels 2 Door
FCW12SP 081-0297 12 FSP Panels 2 Door

Hubbell OptiChannel Fiber Optic Adapter Panels

Part MFG# Colour Connector  Ports Style
081-0277 FSPSCDM3B Blue SC 6 Duplex
081-0277BE FSPSCDM3BE Beige SC 6 Duplex
081-7007ZAQ FSPSCDS3AQ Aqua SC 6 Duplex
081-7007ZBL FSPSCDS3B Blue SC 6 Duplex
081-7007ZYL FSPSCDS3Y Yellow SC 6 Duplex
081-0296 FSPSCDM6B Blue SC 12 Duplex
081-7009ZAQ FSPSCDS6AQ Aqua SC 12 Duplex
081-7009ZBL FSPSCDS6B Blue SC 12 Duplex
081-7009ZYL FSPSCDS6Y Yellow SC 12 Duplex
081-0279 FSPB Black All All Blank
081-0278 FSPST6 Black ST 6 Single
081-0278Z FSPSTSS6 SS ST 6 Single
081-7018ZAQ FSPLCDS3AQ Aqua LC 6 Duplex
081-7018ZBL FSPLCDS3B Blue LC 6 Duplex
081-7018ZYL FSPLCDS3Y Yellow LC 6 Duplex
081-7019ZAQ FSPLCDS6AQ Aqua LC 12 Duplex
081-7019ZBL FSPLCDS6B Blue LC 12 Duplex
081-7019ZYL FSPLCDS6Y Yellow LC 12 Duplex
081-7000ZAQ FSPLCQS3AQ Aqua LC 12 Quad
081-7000ZBL FSPLCQS3B Blue LC 12 Quad
081-7000ZYL FSPLCQS3Y Yellow LC 12 Quad
081-7025 FSPLCDM12BE Beige LC 24 Duplex
081-7020ZAQ FSPLCDS12AQ Aqua LC 24 Duplex
081-7020ZBL FSPLCDS12B Blue LC 24 Duplex
081-7020ZYL FSPLCDS12Y Yellow LC 24 Duplex
081-7022ZAQ FSPLCQS6AQ Aqua LC 24 Quad
081-7022ZBL FSPLCQS6B Blue LC 24 Quad
081-7022ZYL FSPLCQS6Y Yellow LC 24 Quad

Datcom carries all of Hubbell’s connectivity products in stock including Hubbell’s keystone jacksHubbell’s surface mount boxesHubbell’s wall mount faceplatesHubbell’s copper cableHubbell’s patch panelsHubbell's fiber optic enclosures and Hubbell’s AV solutions. 

You can also download this Hubbell Copper Connectivity Guide.

Please call us at 1-800-427-2055 if you need assistance with reviewing Hubbell products and how they can improve your Network Environment.