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The Liebert PSI and Liebert PSI-XR 1000-3000VA are rack mount uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) delivering high-performance network power protection.

The Liebert PSI and Liebert PSI-XR provide compact, line-interactive UPS systems designed especially for IT applications such as network closets and small data centers. 

They provide reliable data center power protection for servers, critical nodes, network workstations, large network peripherals, network routers, bridges, hubs and other electronic equipment. Matching battery cabinets are available to extend the on-battery operating time.

Liebert PSI and Liebert PSI-XR are 2U-size line-interactive UPS available in 1000-, 1500-, 2200- and 3000-VA. Ratings in 120V and 230V models are also available.

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The IT landscape continues to change. Trends are driving more and more computing to the "edge of the network". Professionals today are asking what this means to their infrastructure power systems.

Your computing performance depends on resilient, deployable, intelligent, economical POWER at the network edge. 

The Liebert PSI address these challenges by:

Providing Flexibility, 

Higher Availability, 

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Reducing Data Center Downtime with the right UPS


  • Provides six to seven battery-backed outlets depending on model size, allowing additional equipment to be connected to the UPS via the 15, 20 or 30 Amp receptacles
  • Configurable input voltage window allows the UPS to be properly matched to the incoming utility power
  • Automatic Frequency Sensing allows the UPS to automatically adjust to the input frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • LED display panel rotates 90° to make the readout of the LED display easy to see in rack or tower position
  • Optional External Battery Cabinets provide extended runtime for applications that require longer backup time
  • Provides network surge protection for equipment connected to the UPS via the RJ-45
  • Offers multiple audible and visual alarms to immediately alert you to an input voltage fluctuation (buck/boost), output overload, low battery or replace battery condition
  • Greater than five minutes of battery backup time at full load when utility fails
  • Comprehensive analysis of the condition of the batteries within the UPS and will notify you when the internal batteries need to be replaced. The battery test feature can also be programmed for automatic operation using Liebert shutdown software
  • Allows fast and easy maintenance with user-replaceable hot-swappable batteries
  • Provides remote emergency power off for safe emergency shutdown


  • 0.9 Output Power Factor provides more power for your protected load, and more energy efficient operation
  • Offers the most competitive price in its class, when ordered as a Network Solutions Package with factory-installed Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card
  • Ships with batteries connected and charged, reducing installation time and costs
  • Protects your investment with a standard two-year warranty with paid shipping both ways. Also available with optional extensions of one year or three years

How to Select the Right UPS System

Ideally Suited For 

Designed for Easy Service 


  • PCs
  • Network workstations
  • Servers
  • Network closets
  • Large network peripherals
  • VoIP


Why Critical Systems deserve more than a battery back-up

Liebert/Emerson also provides a two year no-hassle replacement warranty on all of the PSI UPS Systems.


 If anything happens to your unit, including a battery failure, Liebert will replace your complete UPS and pay overnight shipping out to you and paid return shipping from you. Liebert also offers optional one-year and three-year warranties.

If you need to simplify deployment and maintenance even further, Liebert also has a Comprehensive 5 year protection service (Power Assurance Package) which includes: Start-up of UPS and internal batteries. Safely remove and dispose of old UPS (if selected). GXT & PSI: Install new UPS, internal batteries and accessories in the rack (Excludes hard-wired applications.), On-site service support: 7 x 24, 24 hour support (Within 150 miles of regional service center) with 100% labour and travel coverage, 100% parts coverage, Access to customer resolution center (1-800-Liebert) and online access to Customer Services Network and Preventive Maintenance (One visit for 5-20kVA only).

With a Power Assurance Package from Emerson Network Power Service, your critical power is placed in the capable hands of our experienced team of factory-authorized technicians from day one. Combining this exceptional UPS product with reliable and professional services, Liebert brings you impressive network availability, as well as peace of mind.


Liebert PSI Software Options

  • User Selectable Input Voltage Window – Allows the End User to match the input Voltage window and adjust the transfer points. 120VAC (110/120/127VAC)

  • USB & Contact Closure – Contact Closure (Opto-coupler Signals)

  • Optional SNMP Communications 

  • Data Line surge protection for Network protection

  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) l Utilizes Multilink Software

  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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