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Microcare Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaners

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MicroCare Corporation the maker of Sticklers fiber optic cleaners was established to meet the demands of Datacom and Telecom industry for precision fiber optic cleaning systems.

One of the biggest innovations in the Sticklers product line is the emphasis on speedy wet-dry fiber optic cleaning. Wet-dry cleaning eliminates static from the endfaces, resulting in cleaner and trouble-free networks. The fast-drying, nonflammable Sticklers cleaning fluid dissipates the static charge, effortlessly unlocks any particulate on the endfaces, and thereby outperforms all other cleaning products.

The Microcare Sticklers family of fiber-optic cleaning products is the industry’s most complete set of fiber optic cleaning tools. These tools are engineered to meet diverse industry needs ranging from the cleaning of individual connectors and patch cords, to cleaning massive outside plant installations, to cleaning enterprise and private network systems, or those within harsh environments.

Datcom is proud to use and sell Sticklers fiber optic cleaner products. We stock 4 different fiber optic cleaning kits including; the standard MCC-FK03 fiber optic cleaning kit, the military MCC-FK05 fiber optic cleaning kit, the military and broadcasting fiber optic cleaning kit and the MCC-FK08 high volume fiber optic cleaning kit.

And we also carry all of the individual consumables to replenish your fiber optic cleaning kits including the different sizes of fiber optic cleanwipes, the fiber optic cleanstixx swabs, and the fiber optic cleaning fluid.


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