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Datcom Pre-terminated Fibers

The Benefits of Pre-Terminated Fiber

Did you know that every fiber that we manufacture is machined polished, software inspected and individually tested?

Each cable is totally customizable, from fiber type, to number of fibers, length of arms and even staggered arms.
Need a more robust cable? We can supply armoured configurations and breakouts to ensure durability.
Working Outside? We can supply outdoor and even harsh environment style cables for any application.
Datcom's pre-terminated fibers allow for ease of installation and assured performance, while reducing your operational expenses of tooling, testers and labour. Deployment of Fiber runs has never been easier.
Features Benefits

100% Visually inspected to the IEC-61300-35.            

Ensuring the best connector machine polish possible. 
Specially designed fiber pulling eye option. Makes installation in conduits or ducting easy.
Optional break out kits available. Provides extra strength and durability.
100% Testing of each fiber strand. Piece of mind performance. 
Knowledgeable staff.  Recommend proper cable & connectors for your environment.
We know that when you are connecting optical cables to expensive equipment that you want to ensure not only performance but also the safety of your equipment.
Call us at 1-800-427-2055 or email sales@datcominc.com to discuss your configuration today.
Find out how important it is to clean and inspect fiber optics.