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Microcare Sticklers MCC-POC03M fiber optic cleaning fluid

  • Datcom Part: 181-5100
  • Manufacturer Part: MCC-POC03M
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Microcare Sticklers MCC-POC03M fiber optic splice and connector cleaning fluid is the only fiber optic cleaner on the market engineered for fast, reliable and consistent "wet-dry" fiber optic cleaning. Stickler's MCC-POC03M has been specifically formulated using totally new chemistry to meet the demands of today's fiber optic high speed networks. Packaged in a 3 oz. (85 gram) metal can.

  • No solvent is wasted because of the ultra-precise "metered valve" on the can.
  • There is enough liquid in the can for more than 400 cleanings, resulting in each cleaning costing just pennies.
  • Unlike traditional cleaning fluids, it dries very quickly, so it is less likely to become trapped in the expansion slit of the alignment sleeve and weep back across the connector end face.
  • When used as a "wet-dry" cleaner, the connector cleaner dissipates the static that locks particulates on to end faces, so it easily removes dust and lint.
  • Each can is equipped with the triton 3-way dispenser, so you can wet a wipe,dampen a cleanstixx or spray a burst of fluid, as the cleaning situation requires.

Microcare Sticklers MCC-POC03M fiber optic cleaning fluid - Product Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheet

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