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Microcare Sticklers MCC-S21 1.25mm Cleanstixx fiber optic swabs

  • Datcom Part: 181-5112
  • Manufacturer Part: MCC-S21
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Microcare Sticklers MCC-S21 1.25mm Cleanstixx fiber optic swabs designed for 1.25 mm connector ports such as LC, MU, etc. Ideal for cleaning end faces within alignment sleeves, such as bulkhead adaptors or ports connectors. Comes in a box of 50 and is colour coded green.

  • Each Cleanstixx swab uses a unique patented and high purity polymer tip, instead of cloth or foam, which will leave residues.
  • When dampened with the stickler fiber optic connector cleaner (Datcom part number 181-5100) Cleanstixx will get any fiber networks running faster more reliable than any other technology on the market.
  • The tip is precision moulded to be slightly narrower than the alignment sleeve this enables the tip to spin off center and greatly improves cleaning results.
  • Only Cleanstixx can consistently and reliably meet the demanding cleaning performance required on today's networks.
  • Unlimited shelf life and comes with a twelve month warranty.

Microcare Sticklers MCC-S21 1.25mm Cleanstixx fiber optic swabs - Product Specifications

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