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Microcare Sticklers MMC-FA1 harsh environments fiber optic cleanwipes

  • Datcom Part: 181-5141
  • Manufacturer Part: MMC-FA1
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Microcare Sticklers MMC-FA1 harsh environments fiber optic cleanwipes singles are designed and engineered for fiber optic cleaning in outdoor applications and harsh environments. The fiber optic cleanwipe is packaged with a single, dry wipe in a foil pack and is 4 x 2 inches (4 x 8 cm). 50 per package. 

  • Use wipe for each splice; but four to six end-faces can be cleaned with each wipe.
  • Outdoor cleanwipes can be stored on-site to ensure cleaning materials always are available.
  • Each package has a convenient button hole so the wipes can be attached directly to cables, accessories or equipment.
  • High purity lint free dry wipe in a hermetically sealed package, perfectly clean until used.
  • One of a kind capability for harsh environments (rain, dust, hard-to-access locations).

Microcare Sticklers MMC-FA1 harsh environments fiber optic cleanwipes - Product Specifications

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