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Polygon 3108-X-25-FR 8 inch cranberry plenum Velcro cable tie

  • Datcom Part: 072-0014P
  • Manufacturer Part: 3108-X-25-FR
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Polygon's 3108-X-25-FR is a 8 inch (203 millimeters) cranberry plenum rated velcro cable tie strap use to support and position cables. The 3108-X-25-FR provides excellent cable protection without the risk of over cinching.Comes with a pre-punched X for #10 screw mounting.25 pieces per package.

  • Easily reopens for moves, adds and changes.
  • Polygon uses only the original Velcro with the highest hook and loop count available. Accept no substitutes.
  • Comes with a pre-punched  X for #10 screw mounting.
  • Conventional hard nylon tie wraps can deform data cables resulting in permanent damage leading to signal degradation and interference.
  • Allows quick and easy changes for future routing.

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