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Psiber CTK1215 ultra high powered tone generator kit

  • Datcom Part: 084-0716
  • Manufacturer Part: CTK1215
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Psiber Cable Tracker CTK1215 ultra high powerful tone generator and probe tracing system easily identifies and traces tone signals on high performance twisted pair, coaxial and even shielded cables. The CTK1215 consists of a CT12 Tone Generator and a CT15 Probe. The CableTracker 1215 Ultra High Power Tone Generator is up to 10 times more powerful than other generators and features an incredible 190mW power output.

  • The tone generator provides 10 times higher output than standard tone generators.
  • The incredible 190mW power output helps to quickly and accurately solve the most difficult cabling installation and maintenance jobs.
  • The RJ45 male connection and the alligator clips are detachable and commonly available, meaning cord failure won't obsolete your tester.
  • Comes with one CT15 Cable tracker, one CT12 Cable tracker, RJ45 cable, one RJ45 to two alligator clip leads, user guide, two 9 volt batteries and carrying case.
  • Works in a live network environment without damage.

Psiber CTK1215 ultra high powered tone generator kit - Product Specifications

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