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Cable Tray

Just like highways support cars and traffic, management cable tray and wire baskets are designed to support communication cables.

As the condition of the road affects the traverse of our vehicles, so too does the quality and design of the cable tray affect the performance of our fiber or ethernet cables. Cost is one of the biggest considerations in any structured cabling installation and must be weighed against the quality of any individual component. In the case of cable trays and cable management here are 10 advantages and benefits associated with the use of WBT Shaped cable tray.

WBT Tray has developed a shaped wire basket tray configuration which increases the support of any critical cabling infrastructure over 400% versus and offers higher load capabilities than competitive round constructions. This Cable Tray management systems comes in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes, and include preformed labour saving intersections, Tees and bend radiuses. Check out our Toronto stocked cable tray items below.