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Infrastructure Intelligence

Infrastructure Intelligence

Today’s data center is a complex environment that presents challenges on several levels. With IT staff reductions and the requirement for greater productivity; while maintaining service levels, the need for products that converge infrastructure intelligence is growing. 

Multi-vendor and multi-location environments only add another layer of complexity to the mix. Maintaining enhanced security, increasing accessibility and providing high availability become primary concerns.

Monitoring, performance management and real-time reporting are critical to the day to day functioning of the data center and needs to be accessible from any place at any time. Not only is access important, but being able to achieve this support through a single tool, while providing granularity and streamlined management is essential.

These three products from Avocent address these issues and provide remote and cross platform management of mutli-vendor data center environments and also feature remote location secured access and provide high availability leveraging in/out of band management. 

Coupled with the DSView software these products bring new meaning to Converged Infrastructure Intelligence.

Avocent Next-Generation Console Management Solution

  • Secure Console and power management

  • Server and network management

  • Secure access to test and develop lab environments

  • Telco CO and remote facilities support

Avocent Universal Management Gateway

  • Consolidated management of KVM, Serial Console, PDUs, Server Processor and environmental sensors

  • Local and remote out/in band management

  • Enhanced Security

  • Multi-Tenant Design

Avocent MergePoint Unity Switch

  • Remote access to KVM, USB & Serial Connections

  • Virtual media enables remote USB connections and support for smartcard/CAC readers

  • FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptography

  • Built-in Web interface for standalone applications or can be managed with the Avocent DSView™ 4 management software*

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